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LA SOURCE Joelle Ciocco emulsion of light


Brand Isabelle Bellis

LA SOURCE  is a formula with unique operating mode witch allows a  reverse emulslon droplets enriched water , dispersed in duo of vegetal oils chosen for their penetration proficiency as well as their richness.

Mineral complex of magnesium and complementary amino acid are integrated to stimulate surface enzymes .

This association contributes to the vital maintenance of your skin microbia .

Feeling of freshness is instantaneous .Your skin abores a intense hydratation. The water balance as well as anti-aging defences  are preserved and flexibility is regained .


- Passion fruit oil :facilities cell renewal and optimizes skin protection 

- Beex Wax:Emollient, film-forming and ant-inflammatory

- Magnesium sulfate :Mineralizing, improves the lelasticity of the skin ans streghens its immune systems 

-Almond Oil :Hydrating, regenerate and restructuring virtues 



*LA SOURCE  is made in small quantities 

*Formula with more than 98% of natural origin ingedients