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Please note that we are currently not taking appointments for new clients at the moment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Corrects and enforces your skin against oxidizing stress. The Joëlle Ciocco concept is based on the scientific analysis of the skin known as epidermologue method ®. It is premised on the fact that everyone’s skin has its own genetic history, life and oxidative stresses. It is also based on external and internal factors, which interact with the cutane- ous ecosystem. Knowledge of how these various elements combine in each person, leads to a ’veritable made-to-measure’ treatment.

This treatment’s objective is to obtain, through skin nutrition (an exclusive, labor intensive process utilizing extracts from plant cells, still retaining their intrinsic integrity), a rebalance and readjustment of one’s equilibrium. The results are immediately apparent and, with continued use, the effects are long lasting.

This 2–in–1 treatment, incorporating swiss technology, simulates the rhythmic movements of lymphatic drainage and the detoxification of traditional Chinese cupping.

Fluid movement is assisted with a gentle, pulsed massage to clear stagnation, eliminate waste products, relieve inflammation and improve circulation. Fluid retention is eliminated, thus undesirable puffiness is reduced.

Furthermore, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are decreased in this cupping/drainage treatment. Skin tissues are de–stressed and detoxified. The results are a better complexion and a healthy glow. Please note that this treatment does not leave any marks on your skin.

The Drain Cupping Detox treatment is ideal for those who recently had lifting/cosmetic procedures. this treatment is also appropriate for those who have irritated, sensitive or imbalanced skin.

This is a customized treatment to remove the deficiencies of the skin, correct imperfections, enhance the breathing of the tissues, liberate stagnation and ease congestion. Various manual massages are also integrated into this treatment to reinforce the skin’s immunity and to promote efficient cellular turnover.

This is the perfect treatment to maintain good skin tissue oxygenation, tonicity and elasticity of the collagen are promoted, resulting in the effective prevention of the signs of aging.

Combination of 3 manual massages: Vodder mLD, Le sculpture and Le Buccal. super hydrating massage that irrigates the muscles, improves the exchanges for better cell turnover, eliminates toxins, tones the skin, liberates all the tension in the face while smoothing facial lines.

VODDER MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage) – 60 minutes
Developed by Dr. Emil Vodder in the 1930s, this technique is the benchmark for attaining a harmonious, free–flowing lymphatic system.

During this detoxifying therapy, rhythmical movements using the hands and fingers gently stretch and move the skin in the direction of the lymph flow. MLD drains excess fluid, toxic buildup and improves circulation by unclogging the lymph vessels. Through improved circulation of the lymphatic system, one’s immune system is strengthened because healthy skin cells are now able to effectively absorb the nutrients they need and expel/drain lifeless cells, harmful bacteria and environmental toxins.

This treatment reduces swelling, puffiness and decreases inflammation. Having this treatment before cosmetic procedures (injections, fillers & surgery), helps boost the skin’s immunity. After cosmetic procedures, this comforting treatment decreases bruising and aids in recovery. This rebalancing treatment has lasting results and is also appropriate for those with rosacea and very irritated (over–sensitive) skin.

LE SCULPTURE – 60 minutes
This anti–aging massage sets every major facial muscle in its sights, strengthening and toning under the skin, reinforcing its tonicity.

Face muscles, which have been stressed from daily repetitive motion, first enter a soothed and relaxed sustained state during this treatment. then the face is “re–sculpted” through massage, activating the exchange of the epidermis, strengthening and irrigating the muscles, resulting in a smoother, healthier complexion and reducing the appearance of expression lines. Furthermore, by irrigating the face muscles manually, we can effectively revive the skin’s elasticity, boost cellular turnover and improve circulation.

This manual massage is ideal for pre–surgery and pre–procedures (injections, fillers), to better prepare the skin for more effective and longer lasting results.

LE BUCCAL – 45 minutes
Massages the fascia of the mouth, relieving tension that creates expression lines around the areas of the mouth. this deep, manual massage is like “pilates” for the face, working externally and internally the facial muscles from the cheeks to the chin, relieving tension and increasing blood and oxygen supply.

Immediate skin firming results last for several days. Extended benefits include relaxation of tight jaw muscles, noticeable plumper lips and smoother facial lines, due to the increased blood flow and collagen production.

This treatment is followed by “mini” manual lymphatic drainage to eliminate and purge toxins.