Isabelle Bellis, French born holistic facialist has had very comprehensive and unique experiences in the beauty industry. Miss Bellis previously worked with a well–known French beauty brand. She has a passion for wellness and a deep understanding of the complexity of the skin. She received professional training in France, Switzerland and Germany and has acquired the best treatment techniques with world–renowned skin biologists and naturopaths. 

Isabelle Bellis also had the opportunity to train with Joelle Ciocco, a world-renowned biochemist with 35 years of experience in the field of personalized skin care. Joelle Ciocco taught Miss Bellis the Epidermologue Method®, based on a scientific analysis of the skin which is premised on the fact that everyone’s skin has its own genetic history, life and oxidative stresses. This scientific process is used to evaluate the skin’s nutritional requirements in order to establish a relationship with cosmetological care. This advanced approach and unique understanding of skin is now available for the first time in United States at the Isabelle Bellis Center in New York City.

To further develop her understanding of skin and its relation to other internal/external factors, Miss Bellis studied vitamins, olio–elements and holistic nutrition in Canada and the new approach of nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, presided over by Joshua Rosenthal. Inspired by the teachings of esteemed speakers such as Michio Kushi, David Wolfe, Eric Schlosser and Dr Andrew Weil, Miss Bellis became a health counselor certified by Columbia University, integrating her learning on outer beauty with the inner workings of the body, cultivating the connection between internal nourishment and its influence on the external layers of the skin. This is the important knowledge that she shares with her clients.