Joëlle Ciocco SKIN DEFENSIVE - Protective Antipollution Lotion - 80ml


Brand Joëlle CIOCCO

Airless pump dispenser 80ml (2.7 fl. oz.) – For all skin types. Protective anti–pollution lotion.

Essential lotion to protect and boost your skin against urban pollutants and stress. Your skin gains anti–aging defenses. Reveals the brightness of your complexion.

  • Hibiscus: to boost the skin's natural defenses and correct imperfections.
  • Bamboo: to maintain skin equilibrium while preventing premature aging signs.
  • Pyridoxine – vitamin B6: to protect skin's ecosystem and boost the oxygenation of tissues. 
  • Aloe vera: to strengthen repair capacities, strongly moisturize and act as anti–radical ingredient.

Morning and evening, apply PROTECTIVE ANTIPOLLUTION LOTION with your fingers directly onto the skin or with a cotton pad and follow with your usual cream.

TIP for men:
PROTECTIVE ANTIPOLLUTION LOTION may be used to prevent skin imperfections as and after-shave to moisturize and soften your beard.