LOTION HYDROGEL - Thermoregulatory lotion - 80ml


Brand Joëlle CIOCCO

Bottle 80 ml (2.7 fl. oz.)

This product is strongly recommended to people who have an excess of heat on the skin, for instance, after doing sport, sun exposure, etc. It is a solution to skin imperfection problems because it improves pigmentary reflection. It is also very appreciated as an aftershave.

This gel lotion supplies the skin’s upper surface layers anti-oxidants, maintaining the “Natural Moisture” mechanism of the skin by prolonging and restoring its activity of moisturization, thus, establishing anti-radical protection, necessary for the functional defenses of the skin.

It had been demonstrated that the loss of acidity in the skin’s pH and lipid peroxidation produced at the cutaneous level cause drying and protective imbalance of the skin, leading to tissue ageing and a decrease in defence barrier functions. This cutaneous disfunction also propagates surface radicals inwards into the skin. Furthermore, oxygenation (respiratory exchanges) and fibroblasts are damaged, resulting in a decline in collagen capacity, a loss of tissue elasticity, and the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, the active ingredients in LOTION HYDROGEL play an important role against peroxidation.

  • Extract Concentrated Aloe Gel (32% of the composition of the product): Decongest, hydrate, anti–radical and anti–inflammatory.
  • Alpha hydroxy fruit: Regenerates.
  • Extracts NMF: Hydrates.
  • Allantoin: Soothes, softens.

        Apply this product on the whole face, neck, chest, hands, and all area which undergo different aggressions such as heat, sunlight, pollution, cutaneous flora unbalance, detergents, etc.

        After cleansing your face and maintaining your skin’s pH using SENSITIVE CLEANSING MILK, GENTLE CLEANSING CREAM or FOAMING CLEANSING CARE, apply the Lacteal Lotion with a piece of cotton. Then, apply Lotion Hydrogel Plus with a piece of cotton or with your hands directly on your skin, let it penetrate into the skin. This Lotion is filmogenic because of Aloes; it can be applied alone or followed up with a cream or another treatment, according to the advice of your Epidermologist®.

        Please note, your skin may be itchy after applying this product; this is normal because the active ingredient restores the acid mechanism of the skin. Do not forget to apply this product on your chest and on the tops of yours hands after you have sun exposure.